ceoA warm welcome to Africa Spice... As importers, packers, blenders and recognized as a preferred supplier to the red meat and allied industries.

"Since our inception in the mid 90's, our dedicated passion and philosophy continues to focus on providing affordable, innovative and functional products and solutions, with an unsurpassed range of products and services... Africa Spice incorporates "the personal touch service excellence" which adds true value that impacts positively on our customers prosperity and growth.


Our dynamic team with extensive, know-how and in-depth knowledge are here to serve you best with friendly advice, and so competitively priced, acknowledging and understanding every customers own unique component needs relevant to product enhancement - shelf life cycle - yield of product. This further endorses our true pedigree in the highest degree, covering every aspect of the value enhancing service delivery in the supply chain."

Company Vision

To provide all customers with personal needs and complete solutions and to add total value to their business requirements. By continuing to provide the right products and advice, backed by technical product maintenance and support, thereby ensuring on-going efficiency and value.

To be recognized for consistency in products and services for our customers, meeting and exceeding their needs, and thereby assisting them to expand their market.

Overall, out aim is to share the latest technology in product innovation with resources to allow us to make a measurable difference in products and services.