Casings Natural

casing_naturalHOG CASTINGS
Animal casings (also called natural casings) are made from the stomach, intestines, and bladders of cattle, hogs and sheep. Hog casings have three commonly accepted grades - narrow, medium and wide. A considerable extension of these three grades may have a demand for such widths as narrow, medium and extra wide. Where extensions of the three grades are used, general standards are followed:

Grade Millimetres
Narrow 28 and under
Medium Narrow 28 -32
Regular Narrow 32 - 35
English Narrow 35 - 38
Wide 38 - 44
Extra Wide 44 and over

Our in-house calibrating plant is focused on the highest level of consistency, monitored by quality control personnel.

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casing_sheepSHEEP CASINGS
Sheep casings are among the most valuable of animal casing, and are produced from the small intestine. The length, diameter and thinness of tissue, make sheep casings the ideal medium for holding various types of sausages. Sheep casings are first thoroughly cleaned, then graded for quality, measured for diameter and length, salted and packed.