PVC Films provides a barrier to food industry in both printed and un-printed form.

The Film offers you:
diamond Enhanced product presentation - high gloss and clarity
diamond Stretchability, strength, memory and resistance to piercing
diamond Increased protection - self-seal keeps in freshness and flavour
diamond Precision edge cutting minimizes snagging
diamond Film can be used on manual or automatic machines and are available pre-perforated or printed


Polystyrene Trays

Africa Spice are appointed distributors for the entire range of polystyrene trays, specifically utilised in the food industry.

fomo2 Our supplier is acknowledged as the largest company in the southern hemisphere who has been awarded an EEC Polystyrene certificate and a Service Excellence and Quality award from McDonald's including numerous awards for quality, conformity, and product performance for their polystyrene product range.

Manufacturing a wide variety of polystyrene trays, with special emphasis on consistency and reliability ranging from those suitable for fruit, to innovative food trays for the meat industry.

The following trays are available:
diamond White and Black Absorption Trays - allows liquids from the product to be locked into the trays.
diamond White Trays
diamond Black Coated Trays