Africa Spice is committed to supplying the best quality products at competitive prices. In order to fulfil this commitment certain procedures and systems need to be in place. These systems include Research and Development, Quality Control and Quality Assurance.

Research and Development

The Research and Development department at Africa Spice is constantly communicating with the leading raw material and technology suppliers, to enable us to be among the forerunners in aquiring any new technologies or ingredients that have been developed. Our laboratory personnel are constantly developing new products as well as revising our existing range, reassuring that our products are consistently of the highest quality available in accordance with latest trends.

Quality Control
Africa Spice has an integrated quality control management system which requires all incoming raw material and packaging to be tested in accordance with specifications developed between Africa Spice and suppliers.

These raw materials are tested and traced from supplier to source as to ensure total trace-ability. Once released the raw materials are utilised in the manufacturing of our products.

Each product manufactured is subjected to in-house analytical and microbiological testing, and once passed, are packed with its own unique batch number to once again ensure total trace-ability.

Quality Assurance

At Africa Spice quality assurance is of utmost importance to ensure that the highest degree of quality products leave our factory. This assurance includes a finished product foreign body detection programme integrated with a comprehensive food safety and hygiene programme, which includes the continuous training of staff with regard to personal and food hygiene.

Besides the self auditing that is carried out on a regular basis regarding quality control and assurance - we are also subject to audits by you, the customer, and independant outside auditors, which are implemented at our own request.

Through the above systems, our laboratory technical staff is continuously monitoring all critical points to ensure that quality and consistency levels are maintained.